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A Fresh Season of Writing

July 16, 2013

What a gift, to have some breathing space this summer to finally do some fresh writing and publishing.

  • The new book Mission as Ministry of Reconciliation (Regnum Press, Oxford) includes my chapter analyzing the evangelical Lausanne Movement’s extraordinary Cape Town Commitment and its two-fold call for “radical cross-centered reconciliation and radical obedient discipleship.”  What I find exciting about the book is chapters from nearly 30 authors from all across the world and many Christian traditions, and mostly from the majority world (contributors include Robert Schreiter, Peter Kuzmic from Croatia, and my former Duke colleague Emmanuel Katongole, now at Notre Dame).
  •  September is the release of Mobilizing for the Common Good:  The Lived Theology of John Perkins (University Press of Mississippi).  My chapter is “Communities of Resurrection and the Transformation of Bodies.”  This terrific collection includes chapters by Ron Sider, Lauren Winner, Peter Heltzel, Cheryl J. Sanders, Mae Cannon, Lisa Sharon Harper, Soong-Chan Rah, Charles Marsh, and Peter Slade.
  • I’ve just completed a chapter “Word Made Flesh:   Toward a Pedagogy of Reconciliation” for a forthcoming book on conflict transformation with multiple scholar and practitioner authors including from the Carter Center, Candler School of Theology, Boston University School of Theology, and Eastern Mennonite University.  We met last fall and had a great conversation.  This chapter was an opportunity for me to reflect on the riches of the past eight years of the African Great Lakes Initiative and all I’ve learned.  I tell a remarkable story of transformation from our last institute.
  • Finally, I am preparing a new book for publication tentatively titled A New We: Mission, Reconciliation, and the Renewal of the Church. 
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