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Be Busy and Know that I am God?

September 13, 2014
2014.8.9 074

Francis and bird sculpture

A friend who teaches political science once joked, “Chris Rice retreats more than the French army.”  For me, at least, getting God’s love deep into my bones requires learning, as Mary Oliver writes, to “never hurry through the world, but walk slowly, and bow often.” Donna and I took a day at St. Francis Springs prayer center in northern NC to pray and prepare for our new call to Northeast Asia.  Dedicated to St. Francis, the center is full of art which inspired us to remember as we begin this work, that the psalmist did not say “Be busy and know that I am God.”

2014.8.9 057

Carving: Francis and leper

2014.8.9 061

Tapestry: “Go rebuild my church”

2014.8.9 071

2014.8.9 0652014.8.9 055

2014.8.9 056

Wood carving

St. Francis Springs

St. Francis Springs

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