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Unfamiliar Place in the Labyrinth

August 2, 2015

labyrinth“We live by revelation, as Christians, as artists”  Madeline L’Engle

It has been 9 months now in this new adventure in South Korea for Donna and me. It was at Duke that I began to think of Christian ministry as a journey of revelation. I do know I count on revelation, discovery, surprise. My colleague Emmanuel Katongole and I became fond of “claiming” things as if they are true–things that resonate with an intuition that they are somehow from God.

One revelation from these 9 months:

Serving at Duke for 10 years felt like a labyrinth of sorts. You get close to the center, that place of rest.  Can see it, right there. Suddenly the path turns away, further, further, then close, away again. So many joys! Yet never felt “there.” In Korea, it has been the opposite: As if landing smack in the center, the place of rest, still moving out into the labyrinth and its twists and turns and surprises and disappointments. Yet what a difference, living from the center. Well, after all, I grew up here.

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