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The Pulse of Peace in Northeast Asia: Three Voices

August 5, 2015

forum at 26 matyrs siteFrom Japan, South Korea, and the U.S. three voices describe the “kairos” time in Northeast Asia. All were participants in Nagasaki in April at the 3rd Christian Forum for Reconciliation in Northeast Asia.

At Sojourners magazine, Atsuyoshi Fujiwara writes: “Those of us who take the teaching of Jesus as our norm need to reject not only the atomic bomb, but also weapons and violence as a means of forcing one’s will on others…”  see more

From the Korean Anabaptist Center, director KyongJung Kim writes: “The truth that may shock everyone is that nations who are victims in a situation, can also be an attacker in another. However the question is church. Christ’s church can never be a victim who also becomes the attacking side and robs people of their lives, because self-indulgent work with national violence is contrary to Christ and blocks the work aligned with him. This forum was a time of peaceful fellowship to hear and see the deep thinking of reconciliation’s calling.”   see more

And a third testimony (with terrific photos) from Sue Park-Hur at the ReconciliAsian website: “Imagining a ‘New WE’ in Northeast Asia

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