Labyrinth of Grief

What a gift it was to live with my father four months in what would be the last year of his life. He passed away a year ago today. My mother had died two years earlier, and both of them gone de-centered me. I felt lost. This poem I wrote after Dad died is about that. I hope it somehow speaks to you as well.

Labyrinth of Grief

I often arrived lost
Only to rediscover
That haven of healing.
Now, in deep woods
Not far from there,
From father’s house,
My skis tread a familiar trail
But for this:
The first without him in this world.
Suddenly I choose an unknown path,
Snow fresh, my tracks the first,
Each turn, I fear, toward what?
Further away? Closer to?
A labyrinth, they say, is not a maze.
So tell me:
Where is sanctuary now?
How far?
Why should I believe a path
Always leads toward a center?
What will be there if I arrive,
And offer belovedness, now?


  1. Thank you, Chris ! Your LABYRINTH OF GRIEF spoke to my soul as I’ve just returned from the labyrinth at Saint Francis Springs where we celebrated Freddy’s life in the labyrinth . Blessings to you and Donna as you journey. Gratefully, Helen

    1. So grateful to hear this Helen, so grateful for Freddy’s life, so grateful for labyrinth journeys that speak grace into our grief.

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