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“What’s Changed?  Obama and Race in America”, Christian Century


Posttraumatic Christians:  Lamentations in Africa”, Christian Century


“’What Does This Mean For My Mother?’  Emmanuel Katongole’s Constant Journey,” Duke Divinity Magazine

“Is That Racism on Your Shoe?,” Sojourners Christians and Racial Justice Study Guide


A Passion for Reconciliation: An interview with Chris Rice, Christian Century

Unfinished Business, book review of The Beloved Community by Charles Marsh, Christian Century


Witness for Peace”, Duke Divinity Magazine

Seeking Reconciliation,” Duke Magazine


“Editor’s Bookshelf:  Theology Should Interrogate Our Lives”, Christianity Today

The Dick Staub Interview


Paper on Voice of Calvary, Project on Lived Theology


Gospel Proof.” Spencer Perkins showed us what reconciliation looks like, Sojourners

“To Heal the Church: Creating a Culture of Grace,” Crossing the Racial Divide:  A Sojourners Study Guide

The Virtue of Irrelevance.” Sojourners

Choosing the Better Part.” Sojourners

Hymn to an Insane-Loving God.” On the first anniversary of the day Spencer met you face to face, Sojourners

An Unrealized Dream. Billy Graham and Martin Luther King: the road not traveled, Sojourners

Following the Path of Grace:  Spencer Perkins’ long road to reconciliation.
by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos, Sojourners


Why Tiger Makes Us Feel Good,” Christianity Today

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