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rat coverReconciling All Things

Winner of 2009 Christianity Today Book Award

“I love this book for its range, the weave of the two writers’ voices, its deep appreciation of process, and its combination of spiritual groundedness, accessibility, and ecclesial, psychological, and political awareness. It retrieves the term reconciliation from the buzzword bin, and offers hope and direction at the same time”   –from the 2008 Christianity Today book award judges

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Publishers Weekly review of Reconciling All Things


Grace Matters

Grace Matters

A Publishers Weekly Best Adult Religion Book of 2002

“An antidote to every evangelical depiction of dramatic transformation upon conversion, this confessional autobiography shows how a household full of mature, radical Christians took more than a decade to learn one of the most rudimentary lessons of faith: that grace is the essence of Christian community”

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MoreThan EqualsMore Than Equals

Recipient of a Christianity Today 1994 Critics Choice Award

“Perkins and Rice exhibit a relationship that in itself proves the chasm between black and white Christians need not remain … Many works have dealt with the reality of racial disunity in the church, but this [book] offers proven solutions.”  —Christianity Today review

Christian Century review

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