Ukraine: what you may not have heard

A woman receives needed supplies on March 15 when MCC partner Charitable Foundation Uman Help Center (UMAN) distributed MCC relief buckets, hygiene kits and blankets in Uman city, at a Baptist church, along with other humanitarian supplies.
(MCC Photo, Photo courtesy of UMAN)

For some fresh insights on the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, see the special issue of Global Briefing published by the Mennonite Central Committee United Nations Office I direct. Includes:

  • Military invasion and six views on nonviolence
  • Defiant Russian priests, call for UN reform, chilling Syria-Ukraine connections
  • Sanctions: Nonviolent tool or lethal weapon?
  • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn on the futility of lies and violence


  1. Chris, I hope you are doing well.  I follow your writings with interest. I find this mailing of Reconcilers very interesting and very relevant.  My parents were born in Ukraine. My mother in law and uncle are still living and recalling the fear and terror they went thru in the Stalin years and then escaping with the Germans at the end of the war. Fear and Terror is what my mother in law imagines when she sees pics of people terrorised by Russia’s invasion.  I really appreciate the views on nonviolence. Always timely but esp in these days.  All the best in all you do .  wm  

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